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GentleCath™ Hydrophilic Intermittent Catheters

Help minimize the risk of infection with no-touch catheterization

GentleCath™ Hydrophilic coated catheters deliver a simple, complete start-to-finish user experience that is designed to minimize the risk of infection for catheter users:

  • In-pack sterile water sachet to activate the hydrophilic coating
  • Wall attachment for storage during hand washing and preparation
  • No-touch handling strip for catheterization without touching the catheter


GentleCath™ Intermittent Catheters - helping to make the transition back to everyday life simple and safe

The GentleCath™ Hydrophilic coated catheter is simple to use without direct hand contact from start to finish. It includes a sterile water sachet, wall attachment and no-touch handling strip which allows it to be prepared, used and discarded without the need for direct hand contact with the catheter.

It is coated with a hydrophilic polymer that reacts with water to create a smooth, slippery coating on the surface of the catheter. This helps to reduce the pain, pressure and discomfort sometimes associated with the cathing process.

The combination of no-touch functionality and low-friction hydrophilic coating minimizes the risk of infection for catheter users and makes self-catheterization as comfortable as possible.

Intermittent catheter users are at an increased risk of urinary tract infections caused by bacteria in the urine. A user who touches the catheter before insertion can introduce bacteria into the baldder.1 In addition to hand washing and good personal hygiene, no-touch catheterization is proven to reduce the risk of urinary tract infections.

GentleCath™ Hydrophilic coated catheters are offered with or without an insertion kit. The catheters come in a wide range of sizes (CH/Fr 08 – 18), both male and female lengths and straight and Coudé tip to meet the patients’ needs.

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Watch the following video to learn more and see how to prepare the GentleCath™ Hydrophilic coated intermittent catheter for use.

Preparing the GentleCath™ Hydrophilic Intermittent Catheter

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