Continence Care

GentleCath™ Insertion Kit

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Helping you to catheterize... your way

The GentleCath™ Insertion Kit includes a range of supplies to help you catheterize in the way that works best for you:

Placing this underneath yourself when catheterizing can protect you, your immediate environment and your clothes from residual liquid

Exam Gloves (pair):
Wearing these can support clean catheterization technique and may help to reduce the risk of infection

Collection Bag:
Connecting this to the catheter can allow you to measure the amount of fluid drained, or simply catheterize when a bathroom or toilet is not available

Antiseptic (BZK) Pad:
Using this can help you to clean your urethral entrance and prepare yourself for catheterizing

Lubricating Jelly:
Squeezing this additional lubricant onto the catheter can aid insertion, if required

This range of insertion supplies is designed to be used standalone or in combination to allow users to perform sterile technique intermittent catheterization in the way that works best for them.1