Continence Care

GentleCath™ Pro Closed System Intermittent Catheters

Help minimize the risk of infection with closed-system catheterization¹,²

The GentleCath™ Pro Closed-System features a collection bag and GentleCath™ Introducer Tip, which enables “no-touch” catheterization to help minimize the risk of infection1,2 while providing the convenience to use the catheter where and when it is needed.

Because you only touch the GentleCath™ Pro Closed-System collection bag and not the catheter, this helps to reduce the incidence of urinary tract infections, by reducing the risk of bacteria transferring from your hands to the catheter.3

The GentleCath™ Pro Closed-System’s collection bag allows you to measure and monitor the amount of fluid drained, or simply to catheterize when a bathroom or toilet is not available or easily accessible.

The Introducer Tip is designed to be inserted into the urethra and allow the catheter to pass through, helping it to avoid contact with bacteria that may build up at the entrance to the urethra.4