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Charlie Bremmell ®

- UK

Hi, I’m Charlie, I’m 32 and I live in west Cornwall with my daughter Lauren. I have had an ileostomy since 2008 as a result of ulcerative colitis. Having a stoma is not my ideal in life, but it has helped me keep my life.


"To people afraid of having a stoma I say, please don’t be! We humans are great at adapting and as time passes you forget you even have a stoma sometimes! I’d love more awareness and information to be available to everyone, including those without stomas, to avoid any horrible stigmas. I joined the Advocate team to share my experiences of using ConvaTec products, which have changed my life! I’d like to spread the word and help others discover the reliability of ConvaTec."

Charlie Bremmell was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis in 2006, although looking back she thinks it may have lurking for some years earlier but she always put the symptoms down to ‘life stress’. Charlie became pregnant with her daughter, Lauren, soon after diagnosis and experienced several flare ups of the disease during her pregnancy. When Lauren was just 1 year old Charlie had a bad flare, spent 6 weeks in hospital and, much to her initial horror left with an ileostomy. 

"My daughter and I love the beach lifeand swimming in the sea. I enjoy singing in the shower, socialising, dancing, swimming and I work for myself as a nail technician."

Charlie says “At the time I just wanted to get home to my baby, she became the focus for my determination and motivation to adjust and adapt to life with a stoma. Although having a stoma is not my ideal in life, it has helped me keep my life. Humans are great at adapting and as time passes I forget I even have a stoma sometimes!”

It hasn’t all been plain sailing for Charlie though. She went through a period of hospital admissions due to having blockages which were apparently unrelated to her diet. Fortunately this has passed now and Charlie has set up her own business as a nail technician in West Cornwall.

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